Yes its true guys! The picture above is a pirated mp3. It is a crime to buy pirated stuffs. However, for persons who have limited financial capabilities it’s the only way to acquire such amazing gadgets. The problem is deep inside you there is already guilt in committing such an offense although luckily you are not caught. But then who cares? No one has been incarcerated for buying pirated cds, dvds and the like, so far as the author is concerned, hahaha!

Anyway, with the unstoppable increase of prices nowadays, people can’t help but to opt to buy things with lower prices. Yes, yes quality is important but that doesn’t matter anymore. Besides any property for that matter is subject to depreciation. And people? Oohh they change mind quite easily. Now they like this, tomorrow they throw the same. However, what makes the author post this article is the fact of being amazed. Why? The pirated mp3 in the picture is so small but with 1GB capacity. It has a height of one (1) inch and a width of almost two inches (2). Wow, isn’t that wonderful? It’s so small that you could not expect how useful it is. In such gadget you can load lots of songs and text files with which you can listen to music and read the files, respectively. In addition, you can save the lyrics of the song you like so that you can sing with it. Furthermore, you can record using the same or listen to songs in a particular radio station in your city. With such a minute thing it’s pretty hard to believe how it can do so many tasks.

But then it only shows how creative and imaginative people are. Never must we belittle an individual’s skills. How much more in the years to come? What lies ahead is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, it thrilled so many people on what more can technology offer in the future.


  lady influence

May 14, 2008 at 7:17 AM

gidaman man ka oi.. hehhehhe.... kasabot naka ana..hahahahahahha..ga agik-ik ko diri karon..