Iligan City is located in the Mindanao portion of the Philippines. This place was and still is known as the “Industrial City of the South” although lately it is commonly known as “The City of the Waterfalls.” What is striking news today (just this very minute while posting this topic) is the continuous bombings in different areas of the city. It is estimated that three bombs are going to blow different pension houses situated in different areas in the city. And surely two of them just blew a while ago.

Of course the inhabitants are alarmed of what happened. Injuries resulted due to the bombings. This may not be a big casualty but it should neither be taken for granted. Whoever planned this attack they are implying a message which the authorities should take into account. Government authorities should not wait for the worse to come.

What is going on with this city and more so what is going on with our surroundings? Definitely, this is not only happening in this city. Being in this situation and experiencing it just makes life worst. There are already problems that we encounter everyday. To handle this kind of problem is worst than ever. With it, it feels like you are no longer safe in the place you live in. How could life go on like this? Dealing life in this kind of situation makes you weak which is difficult for you must stay strong for your family.


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