Usually in certain countries once the first day of September arrives most people are busy greeting one another a very merry Christmas. Since this day is almost to come it is but proper to start a post regarding Christmas celebration. Celebrating Christmas makes the whole year yet to be interesting. Despite the puzzles and hassles in life for the past months Christmas Day abrogates that and leaves us with a new beginning. We must admit that celebrating Christmas makes our life go on not just to children’s eyes but also to adults alike.

But would this still be the case considering the present situation that each of us is encountering? Will Christmas still be merry with the unstopping increase of prices of goods and commodities or the unending political problems of our government or the fact of chaos in each country that we are in? Even before, there are families who are unable to provide food in Christmas celebration. And we can just imagine how the incumbent economic problems will result in this year’s Christmas festive. Do you still believe in the essence of Christmas taking into consideration the indubitable reality of life’s difficulties at the moment?

Dealing with this kind of situation in our lives is laborious. No doubt. There are solutions that may be worthy of note. Celebrating Christmas is not all about the food and the gifts. The essence of which is to give gratitude to the fact of survival notwithstanding the struggles that we have been into for the past days. Luxurious celebration of Christmas is not indispensable. What can be more important when you are with your family and loved ones in one of the important days in the calendar which is the Christmas Day! Wouldn’t you be thankful with that?