Everyday we pass by different people. Some are approachable, others care less while a few seemed to be interesting. In the other side of the road lives simple people with simple needs and happiness. At the opposite end, are the elite who are sometimes, complicated to deal with, except of course those persons who, despite their financial capability remained humble.

With the avalanche of individuals we meet daily, we often see them only in their physically aspect. Because of our failure to get to know them, we tend to make an impression not good to the ear. We ignore the fact that the physical aspect of a person does not encompass his or her whole being. You may say that this matter is very common and that most already have an idea about it. Nevertheless, we don't apply what we know, do we? Its easy to say not to judge other persons by what they look and what they wear or how they bring themselves in the public. The fact is its what people often do. And that's the truth. We rarely avoid it. We fail to give the other person concerned the chance to show what he or she can do.

We are unique in our own way, so is commonly said. By that alone, every individual doesn't have the right or the authority to judge other people's personality. Be sociable and learn to be friendly with others. What you may see or think right now toward the other person may be the exact opposite of the whole being of the latter. Each of us deserves to live a life with dignity and respect. You may not like the other but that does not mean you have the right to put an impression different from that of the individual's true personality.