Have you not observed that there is change in everything that we do or in every people that we meet? Even the dress that we wear changes in style along the way. Even our own face. There is change everywhere. Its a fact of life.

With the concept of change being open in every aspect of our lives, have you deal with it correctly? Some may easily cope up with the changes surrounding them but others do not. Certain factors may have influenced the way we deal with changes in our lives. These factors depend on the people, the places and our daily experiences which comprise or in which case the reason of what happened to us in our dealing with changes of our lives.

Change is permanent so they say. But we should not ruin our lives because of a change we did not expect or fail to realize. Changes come in surprises. The least we expect the more it will come. But because of the permanency thereof it only matters how we deal with it and how we handled and take action and ready to face the consequences.

Are you prepared to make that change?