Death is a fact of life. Death is inevitable. They say, death comes when you least expect it. Death is something that you know will come but you ignore it. Others accept death easily while some find it hard to face death. Which person are you?

So death is near. But what will you do if you learned before hand that you are going to die in the succeeding days to come. Put it simply, what if the doctor says that you only have remaining days to live? How will you deal with it?

This is one reality that needs to be taken into account. There are people are out there that are sick. They have diseases that are beyond human hands to heal. These people are confused as to how to accept their incoming death. To this, our moral support is much needed. This may cause heavy heartache to the family concerned. But they must go on with their lives while they are supporting the member of their family who is under this condition. They must remain strong for their loved ones. Another thing is, they must be prepared of what is going to happen. All the dying person needs now is support, presence and love. A vacation with the whole family may help. Prayers too are most needed and helpful. Miracles can happen. If you dont believe it yet, you must start believing it now.



September 15, 2008 at 12:14 AM

it's definitely inevitable..i've no idea how am i going to deal with a loved one's death..not prepared for it that's for sure..